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Upgrade your performance

Discover our extensive range of ball valves, fittings, pipelines and a sophisticated range of plastic products and installation materials.

Connection systems

Install meters without effort

We provide components and solutions for the installation of gas, water, drinking water and electricity meters.


More than 2000 products

A complete range that meets all requirements and needs in the field of connection technology.

OCI - Fittings


Innovative designs

Designed to perform in any environment. Engineered to withstand high temperatures and pressures.

OCI - Valves

Powerful solutions

OCI products are designed to reduce our impact on the planet while maximizing performance and strength.

Piping systems

Flexibility as the guiding principle

Save time and increase efficiency with gas and heat pipelines optimized for challenging installation applications.

Metal hoses

Tailored solutions

Tackling complex conditions with customized solutions. Experience the flexibel possibilities of metal hoses.

metal hoses

Plastics and rubber

From idea to realized product

Transform your ideas into reality with our product development power in plastics and rubber.

OCI - Valves
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